Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ocean City Restau

609 S Weller St

Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 623-2333

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I scored some chicken feet at dim sum this Saturday at Ocean City in Seattle's International district! It's fun to chew on the bones. I was on the prowl for duck tongue, but two gentlemen at a corner table had a bowl of chicken feet that caught my eye.
I had left my own table and friends to wander around, looking at everyone else's food. These two 30-something guys seemed especially passionate about chewing on their chicken feet, as they established a white cartilage and joint pile in a white bowl. Both looked Southeast Asian (although I didn't ask) and had leather jackets and longish un-washed hair. When I asked, the more assertive of the two said the other was a regular, and ate chicken feet here all the time, although both of them were giving me the "why the f&$k are you asking us these questions" look. They were embarrassed, but I persevered. I wanted to try the chicken feet. I never had. "Could I try one of those"? Ha ha. Nervous laughter from the two of them. They handed me the whole bowl, thanked them profusely. I offered to give them my sticky rice in trade. They refused. I offered again. They refused again, so I took the feet back to my table. Delicious sauce. It is a homo sapien instinct to gnaw on bones. In Morocco they have a special verb for just this: "mishish"= to suck and chew off every last piece of flesh on a bone, like a cat. It is satisfying and primal, and I enjoyed it, along with I'd say 80% of the other clientele (although the thick and goose bumply skin was the hardest to get over). Everyone was eating chicken feet!
After discussing duck tongue for a quarter of an hour with the waiter, and after refusing to order the whole bowl of approximately 20 little 1 1/2 inch tongues, he finally brought me one little tongue in a big old white bowl. It looked ridiculous, lonely and sad in the big bowl, but I was thrilled. The flavor was just like Peking Duck - sweet, succulent, but little Peking Duck tongue is grisly, chewy, cartilage-y. Deelish!

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