Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sassy Polish Gnocchi and Sri Lankan Martinis

Last night I sassied Carolina!  This, on the fork above, is her last gnocchi. She wouldn't take no for an answer. She was more generous with her food and drink than any other stranger I have sassied. She offered to share everything with me - her wine, her very very last gnocchi, and even her chair.

 Carolina and her husband invited me to join them at Polish house that weekend for drinks and sausage. I never made it to Polish House, but I hope to run into these two on another occasion. Maybe at Art again!?

Later that evening, at Long (same ownership as Seattle's iconic Tamarind Tree),  A Sri Lankan gentleman with dyed pink hair and his partner offered me pork in coconut milk, bites of banana dessert and sips of a Manhattan cocktail. We chatted about restaurants, photography, iPhone apps, the Droid, and of course, food.

The waitress looked a little like younger and healthier Lara Flynn Boyle. She was very patient and accommodating as we swapped food with our neighbors. I gave her my card (below). It looks as if she isn't sure whether to tear it up and give it back to me, or keep politely considering it....

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